"Matt turned a 25+ hour a week process into a 5 minute, error-free, push-button process!!"

Hi, I’m Matthew Moran.
I am a data analytics consultant and software developer. I focus on business automation using Google App Scripts & Visual Basic for Applications.

I connect to a variety of data sources including: SQL Server, MySQL, Airtable, and virtually any API or cloud-based data source.

I have deep knowledge of Google Cloud platforms such as: BigQuery, Workspace apps (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and more), Google Data Studio, and AppSheets. I am a recognized expert in Microsoft Office Automation: Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, SQL Server, and more.

For more than 25 years I’ve provided streamlined business workflow and reporting tools for both large and small enterprises. I believe in a highly proactive approach to understanding my client, their business, and their automation and reporting needs. I believe by understanding the “why” of my clients I can better help them improve the “how”. I refer to this approach as: Concept Over Process (COP).

I wrote about COP in my IT career book, Building Your I.T. Career (publisher: Pearson). If you want to find out more about COP, you may download Chapter 21: Concept Over Process here.

If you are looking to get a better handle on your data and/or streamline tedious and mundane business functions, I can help. Use my

 contact form or send an email to:Info (@) Pulse Infomatics (dot) com 



I do (and have done) work for: NBC/Universal, Blue Cross of California, HealthNet, Waste Management, Maracay Homes, Latham & Watkins, Brilliant PR & Marketing, Zero G Eyewear, and dozens (hundreds?) of other companies.



I believe in sharing knowledge for the benefit of my clients and others who work with the same technology. On my blog you will find project examples and educational articles & videos on implementing both Google App Scripts and VBA automation and data analytics.

Check out the Products & Services page for more information.